Bridge — Bench

touchdeisgner – 2017
As a part of KM3, an art walk through the Quartier des Spectacles, Bridge—Bench catalyzes the presences and ephemeral encounters between people in the Peace Park. At nightfall, visitors who sit on our bench become the convergent and divergent forces that transform the interactive projection of imaginary tectonic plates. The monumental bench serves as an interface and will eventually become a useful and permanent bench for the Peace Park.

First, I developed a system and interface that would allow other members of the team to create presets and play around with fake interactors. Allowing complete control over the system, we could choose the velocity, force, shape and direction of particles that would then displace the main texture. They could also had forces that would disrupt their trajectory. In order to test the system with interactors, I also created an interactor simulator, allowing us to create interactors and decide how they would affect the content. Textures were managed in a bundle system. Color palettes would contain a list of bundles that would then be selected randomly and would change at a desired rate.



Creation and realization: Caroline Robert et Vincent Morisset (AATOAA)
Interactive Programming: Ruby-Maude Rioux
Bench manufacturing: Jacinthe Loranger, Éric Filteau, Benoit Paquin, Hans Henry, Maxime
Roussial, Renaud de Lalonde, Nicolas Fernandez, Vincenta Farias (M.O. Workshop)
Technical Direction: Mathieu Pontbriand (Pivot Événements)
Screen Manufacturing: Promo staff
Engineer: Antoine Tuillier
Commissioners: Mouna Andraos et Melissa Mongiat (Daily tous les jours)

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